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Teaching Application Completion Service

Teaching Application Completion Service

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Job Apps Form Filling Service 

Are you tired of spending your "free time" each week filling out job applications that require you to upload your CV, and then still having to manually type in all of your information?

Do you find yourself saving your application, but not coming back to finish the arduous task?

Are you not completing the 170 job apps it takes to land one interview (on average, of course)

We can help.

Our professional team will collect your documentation up front, await your email with your job application request to our job queue, and your US-based dedicated job representative will fill out the online forms for you, attach the files and email you when it is finished! If follow up information is needed, we will reach out. We also handle email applications if you would like us to, as part of your apps count! Our job application service comes with up to 2 free job lead categories as well! The Founder of this Company literally wrote the first-ever book on how to get a job in the world of online education, and has put together this package to help you get your applications in faster and accurately. You have access to your login information anytime you wish as well as our history of applications! 

After you check out, you will receive an email from our Apps Magician with the information we need to get started. After that, you'll begin receiving job leads and applying is as simple as forwarding the email to our dedicated job apps email address..

The fine print:

We can't guarantee you will get a job, but we do guarantee we will get your job applications in for you which increases your chances! If we don't know something or need a document from you, we will ask you for that information and store it for next time. As you continue working with us, it gets to be less work for you! You can cancel and come back anytime, we'd just need updated information. The packages are good for 30 days and the applications do not carry over from month to month, so purchase the package you feel you will use. You can always add more later! By using this service, we have your permission to submit your job apps, you agree to everything we must agree to on your behalf (we are a form filling service), and you have read the requirements of the application ahead of time and agree to them. We will do all we can to ensure accuracy but we do make unintentional mistakes on occasion. We monitor our team for quality frequently! We aren't responsible for the outcome of your applications.