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Services for Professors

LinkedIn Services for Professors

LinkedIn Services for Professors

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LinkedIn is a vital tool for networking in today’s online education market. We partnered with an incredible LinkedIn marketer with an exceptional track record in education to help professors grow their work from LinkedIn.

There are several elements to having a purposeful profile. First is to create a profile or edit your existing one to focus on your work as an educator. Second is to post or re-post about higher education and/or display your own thoughts, blogs, and work product. This is something you can continue doing after your profile is created. Third is to connect with deans and make it very clear that you are open to work! This creation and optimization service is part one of the crucial element! We also offer ongoing services with an exceptionally high level of service. While we can never guarantee a job and since we are human and not bots, this is a partnership that requires your insight, input and overview. We do know this method works for many in education.

Option 1: LinkedIn Profile Creation & Optimization Service - $450

  • Initial consultation including goals
  • Creating the profile (with username/email provided) to a Business Format
  • Includes adding professional headshot
  • Descriptive headline:
    • Clear indication of what you do
    • Who you help
    • And that you’re actively open to new work
  • Customized personal biography
  • Complete Experience section based on CV (includes descriptions)
  • Display Endorsements (reach out out to previous business contacts for skill endorsements)
  • Top 3 skills (you want people to associate with you) to be shown on the profile at all times
  • Obtain Recommendation/Client Testimonials
  • Connect with 30 profiles from past experiences

Option 2: LinkedIn Marketing Lite - $999

  • Initial Consultation including goals
  • LinkedIn Profile Creation & Optimization Service
  • Target Audience Development
  • Customized LinkedIn Outreach Scripts: Invitation, Relationship Building Message, Qualifying Message, InMail Script, etc.
  • Create Job Tracker Template
  • Create Email List Building Spreadsheet Template

Option 3: LinkedIn Marketing Services - $2,200 monthly

  • Initial Consultation including goals
  • Target Audience Development
  • Customized LinkedIn Outreach Scripts
  • Perform Outreach/lead generation services (daily, Mon-Fri)
  • Page interaction and engagement (likes, comments, etc.)
  • Content Creation with branding graphics & Post Descriptions (weekly)
  • Create and Update Job Tracker or Report (Daily, Mon-Fri), Build & Update Email List (Daily, Mon-Fri)