About Us

Your Resource for Online Professor Job Tools & Expertise to Get Online Teaching Jobs in Higher Education!

A group of higher education-specific dedicated job search professionals! Our team has 20+ years of experience in the higher education market, helping professors find, keep and replace jobs in the online education space. We are experts in helping faculty secure online teaching jobs.

Our work started in 2005 when the founder, Dr. Dani Babb, co-authored the first ever book with Dr. Jim Mirabella on finding jobs in the online higher education workplace. Back then, online teaching was new for many and the market was easy to navigate. As time went on, it became more difficult to secure jobs. Since then, Dr. Babb has continued her work helping faculty get jobs and find work as online educators. The market, more tenuous than ever, has developed and matured and requires more skills than in the past. The "old methods" of writing a curriculum vitae, for example, that she would have used just three years ago no longer applies today.

From CV and cover letter writing to LinkedIn profiles and job application services, we offer a full scope of solutions for online professors.

Dr. Babb keeps her team's skill set current with her own research, along with research partners, into the higher education space. We often interview deans and hiring managers to find out what they look for in application materials and candidates, and bring this fresh perspective to you. Our clients have terrific job success rates, often as high as 90% in the first 5 months.

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