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Academic Resume - Curriculum Vitae

Academic Resume - Curriculum Vitae

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If you are applying to academic jobs, you need a curriculum vitae!

A CV is an expectation, not a nice-to-have, in your hunt for teaching positions. Your CV needs to do several things:

  1. make it through the auto-screening tools through keyword richness and the ability to be parsed,
  2. be less verbose than the Founder used to recommend based off of current real-world input,
  3. be formatted without special graphics or anything that would cause the institution to fear bias claims,
  4. be professionally written,
  5. be inclusive of all of your experience that demonstrates your commitment to education even if you do not yet have official higher education experience!

We help you see where you show your dedication and your love of teaching through our process! When we write your CV, we keep these goals and others in mind. Through an iterative process with our clients and with input from the Founder (the author of the first-ever first and second edition books on getting online teaching jobs), we professionally craft your curriculum vitae, including your teaching philosophy statement. This statement can then be pulled from your CV and put into a separate document where needed for uploading into job applications.

There are many philosophies, templates and methods on the market for writing a CV. Ours is recommended from real world research and input from hiring deans and program directors. While we cannot promise you another method would not work better for you, we can promise you we will do our best to represent you in the best possible manner for an academic teaching job!