Tusculum University

Tusculum University

I give Dr. Babb and her team at Doctorally my highest recommendation!

I found myself in a very difficult position. I reached out Dr. Babb and her team and they came to the rescue and saved our semester. Due to budgetary reasons we had to let half of our departmental faculty go, which included all our online professors. Our dean moved on and I was asked to step in and save our upcoming semester. I had to find highly qualified and credentialled adjuncts to replace the professors we let go, and we had to develop new curricula for all the courses our former professors taught. We already had students enrolled in more than 20 online courses which now had no professors or curriculum.

I contacted Dr. Babb knowing her work and we had a team of adjuncts in place exactly on time. She and her team worked tirelessly to meet the deadline. Our semester has gone very smoothly, and the student response to our new adjuncts and courses has been very positive.

Dr. Babb and her team not only provided a great product but were exceptionally easy to work with. Email responses were typically within minutes, and pricing was very reasonable.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions.


Dr. Kevin M. Hill
Interim Dean of the College of Business
Tusculum University

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