About The Founder

Dr Dani Babb

I am Dani Babb, PhD. I have been an online instructor since the inception of online education, using newsgroups back in the day! I am also the co-author of the first-ever book on getting jobs in online education, and the author of the second edition. I have made appearances all over network television on becoming an online instructor and making money while doing something you love - teaching others! My work is not about money first, it is about sharing our knowledge and personal fulfillment. The ability to work remotely and earn money doing it is icing on the cake.

I have over two decades of experience helping online faculty and professors find work in higher education and have seen the vast changes in the marketplace. Getting a job in today's online market is harder than ever, largely due to competition from more graduates, a move toward full time jobs, mergers and acquisitions. I network with administration and hiring managers to help find candidates for colleges, and my team offers exceptional services from curriculum vita writing to LinkedIn profiles written specifically to make it clear to the world that you are open to work as an online professor!

To ensure our team provides the best possible services to our clients, I research what deans and hiring managers are looking for at colleges and universities, frequently update our working processes, and provide timely information through blogs and through our online group

We would be delighted to help you move from where you ARE - to where you want to BE. Contact us today.